The Union College Maker Web is a unique group of 5 Makerspaces (fabrication and tinkering labs) spread across campus dedicated to supporting maker activities, experimentation and hands-on learning in all disciplines. These co-working spaces are at the intersection of departments and disciplines where the arts meet science and the humanities meet engineering. We host students and faculty who wish to make things using our tools and resources. The Maker Web Labs boasts a variety of digital fabrication tools including 3D Printers, 3D scanners, a laser cutter, and a CNC router and industrial machining equipment. Additionally, the Makerspaces also host many analog and electric hand tools, including light woodworking tools, soldering stations, Arduino kits, sewing machines, and basic tool kits.

It is the student employees (the Maker Corp) who operate the equipment, train others to use the tools and manage the day to day activity of the Labs with oversight from the Makerspace Director, Cole Belmont. The Maker Web is made up of the 3D Printing Lab in Wold 026, the Imagine Lab in Wold 118, the Laser Cutting Lab in Visual Arts 118, the CNC Lab in Visual Arts 102 and the Make Lab in the Machine Shop 107. We are here to assist you and can help guide creativity and familiarize students and faculty with the tools and resources. Please contact us through the Email Us link if you have questions or simply submit an inquiry through the link below. Come see what we can do for you!