Election Night Hackathon
Union College MakerWeb Consortium in conjunction with RIT Magic Studio

The Union College MakerWeb Consortium has been invited to remotely participate in a Hackathon on Election Night. RITs Magic Studio is hosting the main event, but we will dial in through google hangouts to see what hackers are making there, and show them what we can make here.

This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the MakerWeb’s equipment library, checking out all kinds of electronics like arduinos, raspberry pis, esp8266s, sensors for logging all kinds of data and more. Use the laser cutter, borrow a 3D printer, etc.

Projects are entirely up to participants, though Election Night will be a common theme. Think IoT voting platforms as a science fiction project, using a twitter api to track every mention of either candidate and use D3.js to make data art, or very practical solutions, like fingerprint scanners to install in voting booths preventing voter fraud and neutral tools for tracking voter fraud at polling stations… whatever you can dream up, lets start making it.

This event will be hosted in VA 118 from 5:30pm – 11pm, Tuesday 11/8. Bring your laptop, your imagination, and any relevant parts you might have on hand. Pizza will be provided! Please RSVP to ervina@union.edu