open source mobility platform

Inspired by Children From the Kevin G Langan School

Total cost of umobility

Watch a Demo of the adapted Wild Thing (first prototype)


Volunteers and Contributers

About UMobility

Project inspiration

Read about what inspired Union seniors to create an open source mobility platform.

performance criteria

Read about the design considerations and performance criteria of UMobility.

UMobility features

Read about the build-in features supported by UMobility .                


Advised Dr. Cherrice Traver, a team of engineering students worked on the UMobility.

Build Our Mobility Device

UMobility is made freely available to be redistributed and/or modified. Parts list, pin out table, control system schematic, step-by-step construction manual, and source code are all accessible on this website.

Parts list

All the parts and tools you will need to build UMobility

Construction manual

A step-by-step manual to construct the control system and seating


Access to Github for software updates


Need to troubleshoot UMobility?

Open Source Challenge

Several non-profit organizations and hobbyists have attempted remodeling children’s toys, creating DIY mobile toys, and building customized devices ground up . The main challenge in the field of assistive technologies lies in the need to customize hardware and/or software on each device for children with different motor skills. Current DIY assistive wheelchairs are not easily replicable and self-diagnosable upon system malfunctions. Poor hardware and software design documentation makes maintenance difficult.

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