AAH-194 Visual Culture in Communist China

A Union College Art History Course, Spring 2023

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Peter Valerio

My name is Peter Valerio but most people call me Mikey.  I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved overseas when I was in elementary school.  I’ve lived in Seoul and Shanghai most of my life.  I am a Political Science major and a Film minor.  I enjoy watching films and tv shows as well as swim.  I am not very knowledgeable on art history but as a political science major I am very interested in the history of modern China.

Walter Kraus

My name is Walter and I’m from West Hartford, Connecticut. I am a sophomore Visual Arts major, and I’m in Real & Recorded Time right now but I most recently finished sculpture, which I really enjoyed because I made a wooden model sword. I hope to pursue photography, but I also really enjoy digital art and graphic design. I’m on the swim team and I’m very passionate about it, but I’m in the offseason right now. I like watching TV and playing video games as well, partly because they’re fun but partly because of my love for digital art. I’m interested in the history of visual arts around the world, so I thought I could expand my knowledge (and satisfy my Art History requirements) by taking this class.

I took this photo at Columbia Lake in Connecticut.

About Jun


Hey everyone, my name is Young Jun Chun but I go by Jun. I am from Korea but lived most of my life in Europe. I am a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering. I chose this course because I am interested in Chinese culture overall, and thought learning about art with respect to social situations would be interesting since it’s an area that I am not so familiar with. In my free-time, I love to read or hangout with my friends. I also enjoy horseback riding. Excited to take class with you all!

Alex Mendel

Hey, I’m Alex Mendel. I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major born and raised in the Albany area. Ever since my two older sisters moved down south I’ve wanted to follow them. My sister Tina is the other person in the photo. After I graduate you will either find me in Florida or South Carolina. My interests are soccer, golf, chess, video games, and recently piano. Hot take: the greatest show of all time is Game of Thrones. I’m currently enjoying The Sopranos and The Last of Us, but I don’t see them taking the top spot in my list any time soon.

Nicholas (Nico) Popeleski

Hello! my name is Nicholas but you can just call me Nico. To the left is my twin brother Bryce (I’m a triplet). For my major, I am still undeclared. I enjoy learning about different cultures and their forms of artwork. I am taking this course because I would like to learn more about Asia’s culture and artwork/artwork styles and methods. In my free time, I enjoy being around my family and pet dog Betty. I also like to hang out and play video games with my friends, shoot hoops with my father, and I’m an avid license plate collector.

Georgia Baer

Hi! My name is Georgia and I’m an English major with a minor in Studio Arts. I’m not familiar with Chinese art and decided to take this class to learn more about the context in which this art was created. I first started oil painting landscapes a couple years ago, but now I’ve been experimenting with different mediums and starting to work abstractly. Other than art, I love reading in my free time.

Luka Iwaki

Hi my name is Luka Iwaki and I’m a history major. I fell in love with the history of China when I read Sima Qian’s The Records of the Grand Historian in grade seven. Ever since then, the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period became my primary interest, especially the castles and its structures. Jumping about 2 millennial later in the historical timeline, I never had the chance to learn about China’s history in the 20th century, so I’m very interested to learn about it through the perspective of art. My hobby these days are reading Haruki Murakami novels while listening to Mahler and Bruckner’s symphonies.

Victoria Davison

Hello! My name is Victoria Davison, I’m a Studio Fine Arts major! In the picture with me is my puppy named Lilly. I’ve always been interested in Asian culture and arts, leading to this class. I look forward to learning more about the arts and history of China as I am more versed in Japanese arts and culture. In my free time, I enjoy making digital art, playing video games, and listening to music. Some of my top interests right now are The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, Hozier, and Fall Out Boy.

Jupiter Justice

My name is Jupiter Justice (right side) and I am an interdepartmental major in Computer science and fine arts. I have loved Chinese art since I was a child, the innovation and uniqueness of art styles from across the eras has inspired so many other types of art forms. I have been doing art since my freshman year of high school. While computer science is a newer interest of mine, I hope to combine computer science and the arts in as many ways as possible. In my free time I love to play video games, write, read and watch TV shows. (Right now im watching the walking dead and im reading American gods by Neil Gaiman)

Matt Kapica

Hi my name is Matt Kapica and I am an Economics major. I love learning about historical events, and I am excited for it to be my time to dive into Communist China. I love sports. I play Baseball here at school and I played Football in high school. I intent to learn about how these outstanding artist told their stories and portrayed their mood through works of art.

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