This is Chen Qiulin’s gallery page by 1000 plateaus gallery. The gallery is run by her partner and they decided to work together because the gallery as a whole recognizes her talent and allows her to work at her own pace. This gives her a comfortable space to fully express her creative abilities (Qiulin 2013). Sadly it does not hold all her art but it holds a majority of it, especially the more recent pieces. It also includes the most information about each piece compared to other websites that have a collection of her work. In my opinion, the best way to view her work is through “Peppermint” (her book). It includes her own words describing her thought processes and the goal of the piece. This book can be pricey but is available in Shaffer library. Being able to see large high definition photos of her work is vital in understanding the meaning behind the work.



Chen, Qiulin. 2013. Review of CHEN QIULIN 陈秋林 Interview by Monica Merlin.