Mission and Vision


The purpose of Union College’s Kelly Adirondack Center is to engage the campus community and the wider public with the interdisciplinary study of the Adirondacks and the complex relationships between nature and society.


The Kelly Adirondack Center will foster interdisciplinary inquiry and learning about the Adirondacks and the environment. It will do this by maintaining and improving the Adirondack Research Library and by making the facility at 897 St. David’s Lane a learning environment for exploration and academic research of Adirondack and related topics, such as outdoor recreation, natural resource management, and the cultural importance of wild spaces. Programs for the public, publications, and partnerships with government agencies, businesses, and educational institutions will help advance the mission. The Center will make the Adirondacks a part of the Union experience by helping students and faculty make connections to the region through the resources of the ARL and by facilitating contacts with scholars, mentors, and projects in the Adirondacks.