2023 Kelly Adirondack Center Spring Newsletter

We’re buzzing with activity this spring at the Kelly Adirondack Center! The Kelly Adirondack Center 2023 Spring Newsletter shares our enthusiasm for the Art of Noticing this season ! This issue also includes details of the importance of a large digitization project in the Adirondack Research Library, and an invitation to stop in to see […]

Create Your Own Birch Bark Frame with Prof. Lorraine Morales Cox

Open to Students, Faculty, and Staff of Union College   Wednesday February 22, 2023 4p.m. to 6p.m. The Adirondack Room at the Kelly Adirondack Center This event is free but registration is required. Please email amodeom@union.edu. Sponsored by the Visual Arts Department and the Kelly Adirondack Center Birch bark picture frames and mirrors have adorned […]

Adirondack Portraits: The Photography of Osmond D. Putnam The Adirondacks in the 19th Century

Introduction The communities in which Putnam took photographs were not the great camps and high peaks of the seasonal tourist. Rather, they were the remote valleys where settlers labored as lumberjacks and farmers. The pioneering families understood that managing the harsh weather and thin soil would be a hard life, and the starkness of these […]

Adirondack Portraits: The Photography of Osmond D. Putnam About the Collection

About the images The Osmond D. Putnam photographs (ARL-081) contains 132 images taken between 1885 and 1887 near Johnsburg, New York. Glass plate negatives are composite objects, consisting of a glass support, a binder, and an image-forming substance. During the 1870s, gelatin dry plate negatives became commercially available in pre-cut packs. This is what Putnam […]