AJES Volume 22 Available for Order

The Kelly Adirondack Center (KAC) at Union College and the Adirondack Research Consortium (ARC) announce the publication of Volume 22 of the Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies (AJES).

image of AJES #22 cover
Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies #22

AJES Volume 22 is broader in scope than those the KAC and ARC have collaboratively published since 2016. Topics range from the humanities to the natural sciences: from articles on women’s rights and feminism in the woods to the regional impacts of climate change and water chemistry in Adirondack lakes. The breadth of environmental studies as a field of inquiry is shown in the following pages and is accompanied by Mark Bowie’s awe-inspiring photography. Also included is a “Perspective” article from the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society at Albany University, which is part of the Consortium’s Women in Leadership program and funded in part by a grant from the Walbridge Fund. Lastly, in our effort to showcase the many personal stories of the Adirondacks and to highlight the various ways in which they are told, we present the final section, “Stories of the Adirondacks.” Though more informal storytelling than typical academic articles, these concluding essays are rooted in history and demonstrate our commitment to welcoming a broad spectrum of perspectives from our contributors.

This volume is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bruce W. Selleck, the Thomas A. Bartlett Chair and Professor of Geology at Colgate University, who passed away peacefully in his sleep in July 2017. Bruce joined the Adirondack Research Consortium Board in 2011 and was elected president in 2017. Bruce had deep ties to the Adirondacks and brought a wealth of passion and ideas to his students, his colleagues, the Consortium, and the broader academic community. Bruce’s dedication and leadership will be missed by his many friends and colleagues in the Adirondacks and around the country.

We also recognize Dr. Stephen C. Ainlay, president of Union College, who is stepping down from his current role in June of 2018. President Ainlay’s collaborative spirit and foresight led to the partnership between the Adirondack Research Consortium and the Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College to publish AJES. His initiative has led to significant improvements in the journal, enhanced Union College’s Adirondack Studies program, and increased the College’s presence throughout the region. We wish all the best for President and Mrs. Judith Gardner Ainlay and thank them for their many contributions and unwavering support over the years.

The Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies (AJES) is published in partnership with the Adirondack Research Consortium.  To learn more about AJES, to view previous volumes online, or to submit an article for publication, visit the AJES webpage at AJES.org.


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Founded in 1795, Union College is an independent liberal arts college committed to integrating the humanities and social sciences with science and engineering in new and exciting ways. Union is publishing the journal through the Kelly Adirondack Center (www.union.edu/adirondacks). The Adirondack Research Consortium is a not-for-profit research-based organization located on the campus of Paul Smith’s College (www.adkresearch.org).