The Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College is committed to research that focuses on the study of the Adirondack Park. The Center encourages scholars, students, researchers, and faculty to utilize the Center’s rich resources to undertake an interdisciplinary approach to studying political, sociological, environmental, economic, and historical issues impacting the Park. Over the next several years, the Center will focus on pursuing an aggressive research agenda with particular attention to the tensions that exist between economic development and the protection and conservation of the blue line. The Center will engage student and faculty fellows to pursue this research agenda.


The Adirondack Chronology

The Adirondack Chronology is a useful resource for researchers and others interested in the Adirondacks. This useful reference is made available by the Adirondack Research Library (ARL), Union College in Schenectady, NY, where the Adirondack Research Library is on ‘permanent loan’ by the conservation organization Protect the Adirondacks! (PROTECT). Union College Schaffer Library makes the Adirondack Research Library collections available to the public. The ARL is a non-lending ‘special research library.’ Its holdings can be searched using the online catalog at Schaffer Library. It is hoped that the Adirondack Chronology may serve as a ‘starter set’ of basic information leading to more in-depth research.
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