Global Awareness

For this blog, I am going to focus on global awareness which can be defined as the recognition and appreciation of thecomplexity, size, and diversity of the earth as a single entity. In order to have awareness, we must accept what we do not know and aim to learn what we are unaware of. Overall, I believe that we are all making positive strides in understanding our global impact on the Earth, but we lack the complete answer in how to reverse damages we have caused. For example, there were about 12 billion hectares of biologically productive land and water areas on Earth in 2014. Dividing by the number of people alive in that year (7 billion) gives 1.72 global hectars per person, not including wild species that also need the land. By becoming aware of data like this, we can work together towards decreasing our demand on the environment by using global goals such as the SDG’s. Also, that current levels of meat production adds nearly 6.5 billion tons of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases every year to the atmosphere. Globally, if we do not work together, we will continue to trigger irreversible negative worldwide effects such that jeopardize earth’s resources such as biodiversity loss and ocean acidification.