Global Awareness about Clean Energy Sources

For this paper, I focused on the use of clean and affordable energy sources as one of the global goals in the Mathematics, Sustainability, and Global Learning unit. I found this an incredibly useful topic to focus in on due to the fact that it is such a needed topic for people to know more about and for them to utilize in their every day lives.

Throughout this course, we have talked a great deal about the importance of utilizing renewable resources to create the energy we need for our everyday lives. However, the reason I am now choosing to focus in on the “awareness” aspect of the paper is because I feel as though this is not fully known to so much of our planet. The United States has one of the larger carbon footprints when compared to other countries, showing that we are in overshoot and are not living a sustainable lifestyles. With this in mind, it is impossible to imagine that our planet will be able to survive if we keep up these actions. For this reason, I think awareness of alternative, and clean energy sources is an incredibly needed tactic in order to help save our planet and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, in which we utilize other forms of energy.

5 thoughts on “Global Awareness about Clean Energy Sources

  1. I agree with the point that the U.S. as a whole is pretty good on the notion of awareness of climate change. Most of western Europe also seems to be highly aware and educated on the issue. However, there are other countries around the globe whose citizens know very little about the issue, and likely have bigger concerns. This is true within pockets of the U.S. as well, where people are more concerned with economic issues and prosperity than global warming.

  2. great piece! I think there needs to be an increase in awareness and communication about the available energy sources and just an increase in sustainable actions.

  3. I like how you chose to focus on awareness and education rather than just assuming people in the U.S. understand what we need to do in order to achieve renewable energy dependency. Maybe if everyone took MTH063 they would be as aware as us!

  4. Even though the students in this class and others on our campus are aware of these sustainability issues, it doesn’t seem to me that this topic takes precedence. It should, but I don’t feel that it does for many people yielding an uninformed population regarding sustainability and environmental preservation. I like that you focused more on the awareness aspect versus other sub topics in this post.

  5. I think you do a great job showing the obliviousness of people and how it contributes to the lack of understanding pertaining to sustainability. If we do things as simple as recycling cups or turning off lights/AC when we are not using it, our total energy usage would significantly drop overtime. For this reason, I agree with you and think awareness is key.

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