Gender Equality, Especially Now, Appears to be Reliant Upon One Major Issue…

Essentially I focused on the goal of gender equality in my report. And mostly surrounding the thought that sexual violence, and violence in general, towards males and females is essentially what is going to hold that goal back from being achieved. I reiterated the fact that we need to greatly decrease or eliminate entirely the practice of victim blaming and need to institute a safe way for survivors to come forward. We have all heard this statistic, but its worth repeating that 1 in five women will experience rape in her lifetime, and 1 in 71 men will experience rape in their lifetimes. Sexual assault and rape cases are America’s most expensive crimes, costing the country around 127 billion dollars, and even then that number doesn’t nearly include the amount of cases that are un-reported. Because, the truth is, we won’t be able to start on gender equality in earnest unless we first handle the issues surrounding sexual, and non, violence towards women and men.

3 thoughts on “Gender Equality, Especially Now, Appears to be Reliant Upon One Major Issue…

  1. I found your blog post to me very interesting and informative. I can’t believe that one in five women will experience this in their lifetime, it is very saddening. I like that you are aware of this issue and are educating us.

  2. Why is sexual assault an expensive crime? Is it because of the science testing behind r ape kits (separating r ape because the blog will not let me write r a p e?)? That’s very interesting, and I think you do a great job reiterating very important facts about the lack of gender equality that still stands in the world, and as a result holds back all of human kind.

  3. I think your post is very informative. I like the points that you introduced to bring awareness to sexual assault and violence. A lot of change needs to be made in order to achieve gender equality but we can all educate ourselves in order to take steps forward in achieving this goal and I agree that starts with sexual and non sexual violence between women and men.

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