Thinking Across Art and Biology, 2017

In 2017, Developmental Biology Professor, Nicole Theodosiou, and Drawing and Painting Professor, Laini Nemett, led a new iteration of the course that explored cell identity and the evolution of form. In their “Micro/Macro” project, students learned about tonal value and composition to create observational drawings of plant dermal cells. They made their own slides of plants from Jackson’s Gardens and realistically documented the abstract forms as viewed under the microscope. For another lab, students fertilized sea urchin eggs and documented the one week process of embryonic development with graphite and watercolor. Students were ultimately asked to engage their thinking across art and biology in personal final projects that investigated a complex scientific question. These ambitious works ranged in medium from large-scale graphite drawings and traditional photogravure etchings to multi-paneled watercolor series and stop motion drawing animation. Pictured below are some examples of these final projects, related artist statements, and microscopy labs.


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Many Hundred Miles from AJ Hubbard on Vimeo.

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