Blog Post #1

As a Political Science major, the goal is to understand how states are created, how they operate, and the effects that policy decisions have on society as a whole.  Oftentimes environmental sustainability and global climate change become politicized issues that are now partisan in nature.  This is unfortunate, as sustainability is deeply intertwined with the quality of life that people have.  From my understanding sustainability relates to maintaining the makeup of our planet and ensuring that there are enough resources to support human life.  The modern world often threatens sustainability, and it is important for people to understand these threats; whether it be from climate change, or lack crops and food.  In the Spring I took a geology class that covered climate change and I feel as though I at least have a basic understanding of the issue.  Another course that I’ve taken that relates to the issue of sustainability was Human Security.  Human Security is a concept brought forth by the United Nations that describes ways in which governments worldwide can enact policies that give people the ability to live lives that are secure from the threats of violence, hunger, and poverty.  Last winter break I had the opportunity to study in India.  When I was there, our group saw firsthand at how some of these issues can directly effect quality of life.  In taking this course, I hope to brush up on my math skills a bit and garner knowledge about how people and governments address the issue of sustainability worldwide.   


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