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The concept of sustainability seems like an simple idea but in theory a very difficult task to bring into fruition. Sustainability is the balance between the abundant resources produced by nature and the rate of consumption by humans. Growing up in Cape Verde the idea of sustainability was important for resources where limited and the teachings of resource consumption was common. The environment is something really important to me because I grew up surrounded by the ocean with beautiful beaches and spent most of my time exploring nature. I have spent a few summers working with a non profit organization called Save the Harbor Save the Bay, where we educated children on that dangers of pollution and how improper disposal of natural resources could negatively damage the ocean. The planet is heading in a negative direction when it comes to the conservation of natural resources, for money is an important factor that dictates the decisions about climate change in the future. The population continues to grow and the resources being used are only amounting to higher numbers, but there are other alternative resource of energies that can be used. Creating a healthy world where energy can be used without the harming of the planet would be amazing for the future generations will have the opportunity to experience joy the wonders of nature.




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