CO2 Levels are Rising

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occuring greenhouse gas that is a part of our atmosphere. The reliance on factories and various forms of transportation to burn fossil fuels have increased the amount of CO2 found in our atmosphere today. While, carbon dioxide only makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere this number has increased significantly overtime. Today CO2 levels consist of over 380 parts per million (ppm) but, prior to the Industrial Revolution carbon dioxide consisted of 270 ppm. Specifically, throughout this decade, CO2 levels have increased on average, 2.3ppm per year. Also, we emit 400 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year. In metric units this is 362.874 Tonnes. Again, this number simply shows that while CO2 makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere, the unnatural increase of CO2 has shown negative effects.

It is important that we find a way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because it has serious effects on the environment such as making our oceans more acidic and increasing the temperature on earth.  A New York Times article discusses the fact that removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere is a potential way to stop global warming. The goal would be to keep the carbon dioxide below the two degree Celsius target estimated in 2015 by the Paris Agreement. However, this is an extremely difficult task. One suggestion would be to follow a process known as “direct air capture” to minimize its presence. All of the studies show that it is extremely hard to decrease the amount of CO2 currently in the atmosphere but it is crucial that we take conscious steps to reduce it for the future sake of our environment.

4 thoughts on “CO2 Levels are Rising

  1. This is really interesting! The article mentions that in order to limit the rise in global temperatures, we need to remove half the current human emissions. What do you think the best way to go about this is? The article that I found talked about a new satellite created by NASA that is used to track carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and helps scientists to predict where it will go in the future. Perhaps this satellite could help us determine the best way to reduce human emissions because we would be well informed about its cycle.

  2. The concept of removing CO2 from the atmosphere is a nice idea, though I’m not sure how realistic this solution is. I’m sure it would assist in preventing global warming very well, but then one has to think of the logistics of how it could all be achieved. For example, all cars that require gasoline to function would need to be outlawed and replaced with electrical cars. Considering that for every 1 mile, 404 grams of CO2 are emitted from standard passenger vehicles, the earth would definitely begin its repair if gasoline powered cars were vetoed entirely.

  3. The rate at which carbon dioxide is multiplying in our atmosphere is astonishing and extremely frightening. There are so many alternatives to relying 100% on carbon based fossil fuels, and things of that nature. Simple ideas like using solar panels, recycling and composting, and using public transportation are perfect ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint, which will help our planet in the long run. Although the direct air capture, among other processes to remove CO2 from the air are difficult, there are ways in which humans can make lifestyle changes to personally minimize the amount of CO2 they produce because any little bit helps.

  4. This is a really well-written, informative post! As you said, reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is an extremely difficult task. According to an article I read by the EPA, greenhouse gas levels have increased by 37% since 1990. I think one way to effectively combat rising CO2 levels is to raise awareness. Although there is a great awareness for climate change already, I believe that the more aware we are about our everyday choices, the more environmentally friendly we can be as humans.

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