Growth of Uber

Uber is the top ride share app in the united states. Over the past few months Uber has been in the news for the effect they have been having on traffic in NYC. The saturation of drivers got to a point where the congestion and traffic was so heavy that Mayor Bill de Blasio put a cap on the growth of Uber drivers, potentially starting a trend in major cities (major markets) across the us. This graph is the exponential growth of drivers for Uber over there starting years.

It is important to notice that this growth is exponential and driven by customer demand. What will happen when the demand increases and Uber legally cannot support it. A lot is yet to be seen  and I am interested to see how their growth will continue.


4 thoughts on “Growth of Uber

  1. Interesting post. There’s no denying the prominent role that uber now plays in most major cities in America. The relationship between uber and these cities generally seems to be a strained one, as most politicians seem to be pushing for heavier regulation of the service. Taxi drivers also have a bone to pick, as uber is taking rides away from them. I’m sure that uber will only get bigger in the future, so it’ll be interesting to see how this dispute plays out.

  2. Uber is such a big part of everyday life now that it is hard to think of a time when it was unavailable or unpopular. Services like Uber have popped up and continued to grow exponentially due to the demand, but it will be interesting to see how many similar companies develop and how that affects the growth rate of competing companies.

  3. Very interesting Ryan! I personally use Uber all the time, especially when visiting a major city like NYC.I will also be interested to see how an increase in drivers affects other areas of the economy. Will people stop buying cars? Will public transportation suffer due to “ride sharing.” I am very interested to see how it all plays out.

  4. I find this post interesting as is considers an issue with Uber that I have not thought of before. If Uber is seeing such drastic increases in numbers of drivers, are we seeing a large decrease in uses of other forms of transportation, such as the subways for example? What do we think are the reasons for this? Could NYC do anything to make other forms of transportation that are more sustainable for the environment more appealing to users?

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