The Brazilian Amazon

Brazil is now a large industrial nation that leads the world in production of oil and automobile industry that still heavily rely on the consumption of wood. Through the technological development, the nation is thriving in the economic field when exporting goods to other nations. The economic aspect of the world the country is thriving but through the natives of the and they are being destroyed. The Brazilian wilderness is enormous with thousands of different species of creatures and native tribes that are being destroyed to gather wood for economic profit, regardless of the effects on nature. The development of the country has come at the cost of destroying the environment. The removal of natural resources from the environment often creates bad environments for locals to attempt to make a living as they have lived on the land for hundreds of years. Many countries in Latin America are suffering from the exploitation by corporations and natural resources. In order to have a fair policy the natives should be involved in the government decision about their land. There is no clear path for communication for the natives and the modern and forever changing government. The lack of respect and connection to the natives’ culture creates environmental issues that impact the poor communities.

3 thoughts on “The Brazilian Amazon

  1. Your blog post raises numerous interesting points that connect energy consumption and processes to the people of a country in ways i had not yet thought of. In particular the cultures of these native Latin American groups and the much more advanced energy production methods. If they were able to be incorporated into the technological advancements with energy creation do you think that their resources would be saved? Or is it plausible that the commercial domination of their products will continue no matter the level of inclusion that is given to these people. Overall a very interesting relation to the ecosystem and international cultures that I had not previously thought of.

  2. I found your response to be very interesting. I hadn’t previously heard much about Brazil producing oil, but your points about this industry helping Brazil economically thrive while harming the environment make a lot of sense. Would it financially make sense for Brazil to pursue more environmentally sustainable forms of energy production, and in what ways could the existing market become more environmentally friendly? Do you think legislation from the government could help encourage less destruction of the environment and more innovation for environmental sustainability?

  3. I found this post especially interesting, as we don’t learn much concerning other countries and how their government impacts their land and culture. Learning about the process that Brazil goes through in terms of their environmental impacts with their government gave a very unique approach to the topic of the environment as compared to our own.

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