Climate control

For my Green Fee proposal, I would use the 25,000 dollars allocated to the project to reform the Union College heating and cooling systems that are used in numerous building especially Bailey Hall on campus. The system currently analyzes too many classrooms grouped together to turn on heat or air conditioning based on what temperature conditions are currently at. This system often turns on heat or air conditioning in classrooms not being utilized because they are adjacent to ones being used which causes an overuse of energy to power the systems to heat or cool the given space. With the added money, one would be able to increase the number of sensors so that it could be as close to room to room analyzation as possible. That way if one class is in session next to an empty room and has the windows open altering the temperature of the building and rooms adjacent to it the system will not kick on to try to fix and average the temperature of all of them, instead just the singular one which is in use. As we know not all classrooms are used at the same times and different professors and classrooms call for different temperatures to teach and participate in. If this could be put into action it would allow more individuality to the campus classrooms for heating and cooling saving the cost and process that revolves around it. It is not an inexpensive process nor environmentally friendly process to use air conditioning and heating mechanisms. This could cut down the overall energy allocated through the power system of Union College reducing the energy that is taken which is necessary to power them.

5 thoughts on “Climate control

  1. This is a very valid thought that I had never previously thought about. In Bailey Hall specifically, as you mentioned, the air units are being used far more than needed, and as a result using too much energy that could be saved or used elsewhere. I think this would make a great deal of a difference on our campus.

  2. I really like this idea, because all over campus our school is constantly using air conditioning and heat that is not needed. It would definitely be beneficial if we could allocate money towards proper utilities that would be used more often than not. Overall, I think you have a great idea that could not only make students and faculty happier but in the long run, could save our school a ton of money if it is properly put into effect.

  3. I think this idea could really benefit Union’s campus. The heat is always too high or air condition too low. Rarely are classrooms and dorms a reasonable temperature. I think the cost of this project would be a bit pricey at first, but overall would end up saving Union money!

  4. I like this idea. It seems doable and like there is a very high chance that union could be behind it because it requires such little work. I too feel that bailey hall should be the first building using this system.Best Idea I have heard yet!!

  5. This is a great idea and a problem that can only really be observed from the student perspective which elevates the idea entirely because it’s something that could be overlooked for years to come. I feel like there are a lot of environmental issues in the new Science Engineering building as well that are worth reviewing, and fixing.

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