Water Waste

The use of plastic water bottles can be harmful to the environment specially when not recycled properly. A proposal that I have in mind to eliminate the consumption of plastic water bottles, is to install a water fountain in every house. This may seem like a difficult challenge or expensive but in the long run of our community, it would benefit everyone greatly. The new water fountains would help students spend less money on water, while eliminate the use of plastics water bottles. The water fountains would also provide students with the access to clean drinkable water within their own house, without having to struggle.

3 thoughts on “Water Waste

  1. I think that this is a very plausible idea since we have them in a lot of buildings already. If water fountains were added to every house as well, plastic water bottle use will definitely decrease. If I had a water fountain in my house I would reuse my water bottle much more than I already do.

  2. I agree with you that there should be more of an effort to reduce plastic bottles. However, the only way I can really see a dramatic change occurring is if they are outlawed completely and only reusable water is sold. Why not band just the water sold in the bookstore? Not all other drinks, just water. Imagine the environmental impact Union College alone would have eliminating them.

  3. Union has started implementing these water fountains and filters on campus, but there needs to be a bigger push towards normalizing this on campus. Reducing our consumption of disposable plastic bottles would be great.

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