Green grant, saving water in the bathroom

For the green grant, I would like to see the school further initiate their solution that helps reduce the amount of water waste from toilets and sinks. There are already more sustainable flushing systems and motion-sensored sinks in some of the bathrooms on campus, but I think it should be a universal theme in every building, in all facilities. These sustainable practices are highly beneficial in saving water.

In terms of the dual flushing toilets, they “take water-efficiency one step further: using 1.6 gallons for solid waste and only¬†.8 gallons for liquid waste.” As opposed to using 1 1/2 gallons of water per flush, everywhere that has implemented this system gets to dave almost an entire gallon per flush.

Additionally, “millions of gallons of water are wasted every year through faucets that are left running for too long or not closed properly after use…It is believed that installing motion sensor faucets can save as much as 30% to 50% on overall water use.”

It would be nice to see Union implement these ideas further into campus, as a lot can be achieved by sticking to these sustainable practices.


2 thoughts on “Green grant, saving water in the bathroom

  1. I think this is a great idea and something that we could implement into the dorms.Your post shows that having dual flushing toilets help to reduce the amount of water used on campus. The dorms at Union are very inefficient so this would be a nice environmentally friendly benefit that is also long-lasting.

  2. At home, my family has dual flush toilets in our house. They are incredibly effective and relatively cheap to purchase/implement. Considering how many students Union has on its campus, by implementing dual flush toilets Union could save an incredible amount of water, and further its image as a sustainable campus.

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