Climate action

I chose climate action because to me, its the most pressing issue the list is trying to combat. Ice caps are melting at record paceĀ  and the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere is making the temperature Rise. I think that fixing this issue is the most difficult goal on the list because the change in climate can be attributed to more than one human action and in 2018 regulation is not easily passed by the government. The global awareness of this issue is high but, some countries disagree if global warming (Climate Change) is real or not. Because some countries have the perspective that Global Warming is not real it is difficult to truly fix the problem. For example, if you look at the countries with the most change in temperature they are also the ones who denounce global warming as being fake (China and USA). “According to scientists at the U.S Center for Atmospheric Research, if the current rate of global temperature rise continues, the Arctic will be free of Ice by 2040.” It is up to us to Reverse the effect of climate change through global engagement so that future generations will be able to live on earth.




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  1. I absolutely agree with you in regards to the fact that climate change is a major issue. It is an absolute fact that the poles are melting and the temperature is rising from greenhouse gases and we must find a way to slow this disastrous process down. It is terrifying to imagine that by 2040 our ice caps could be completely gone if we don’t do something about it now. Along with the fact that it is alarming that some countries and their leaders don’t believe climate change is a real thing. One major question that arises from this is how can we provide those outliers with concrete evidence to help make a change for the better?

  2. The topic I wrote about is similar as the planet is changing with rapid force and human lives are being lost. The glove wrong of the planet is a real issue as the air quality is worsening and causing natural changes throughout the world causing extreme damages. The idea of climate change being real is still been questioned inmates y countries which raises confusion.

  3. I agree that reversing or stopping the melting of the ice caps seems like the most difficult issue to tackle. I think that this is a tough problem that requires many steps to fix–these steps include first having an awareness of the issues, and then taking more steps to work on reducing our waste and increasing sustainability so that the impacts of climate change are reduced instead of escalated. I agree with your post, it is definitely up to us to fix the harm we have done to the environment.

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