Laser Ablation

We have a Cetac LSX-213 laser ablation sampler that can be connected to our ICP-MS instrument. It uses a pulsed Nd-YAG laser with a frequency output of 213 nm, a pulse repetition rate up to 20 Hz, a pulse power up to about 4 mJ (at 213 nm), and a pulse width of <6 ns. It’s almost 100% computer controlled, including stage X, Y, and Z movement, spot size selection, and different ablation points, lines, and areas. The ablation regions can be saved as a list, and analyzed automatically in sequence. This page will be updated as I learn more about how the system works.

Matt’s start-up instructions
Laser instructions manual
Laser help system file*
Gas flow path: purge, bypass
Gas flow path: Ar to cell, He to cell (also called Online)

*MS Windows help system format, probably worthless for other operating systems.