Scanning Electron Microscope

Shared analytical facility, this web page is maintained by the Union College Geosciences Department

Union College has an SEM as a multidisciplinary shared analytical facility, complete with a part-time technician. The instrument is a Zeiss EVO-MA15 instrument, with a large sample chamber, LaB6 electron gun, and low vacuum “environmental” capability. It has backscattered electron, secondary electron, variable pressure electron, energy dispersive X-ray, and cathodoluminescence detectors. These web pages are an introduction to some of its capabilities.

Secondary electron imaging
Backscattered electron imaging
Variable pressure imaging
Mosaic images for large areas
X-ray analysis and imaging
Cathodoluminescence imaging, spectrometry
Standard block
Coating samples
Sample holders

This SEM facility was originally funded by the National Science Foundation, Grant MRI-0619578. That SEM was destroyed in a flood, and this replacement was purchased with other funds.