Keck Consortium Trip, 2009, Southeast Pennsylvania

Franklin and Marshall College trip to SE Pennsylvania

This field trip was part of the 2009 Keck Geology Consortium Symposium, held at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This trip went to four localities: one to sediments in the bottom land of a small stream, and three to folded rocks including quartz conglomerate, dolomite and limestone, and sandstone. Note, my understanding of the geology in this region is limited, so let me know about any errors.

Stop 1: Big Spring Run bottom land
Stop 2: Samuel Lewis State Park
Stop 3: LWB dolomite quarry
Stop 4: Chickies Rock

Generalized geologic map of SE Pennsylvania, showing the location of Lancaster, PA, and the four field trip stops.


Principal reference

Merritts, D., Walter, B., de Wet, C., Hopkins, D., Ismat, Z., and Thomas, R., 2009, Bedrock and Surficial Geology of Lancaster and York Counties, PA. Keck Geology Consortium, 22nd Annual Field Trip Guide, Department of Earth and Environment, Franklin and Marshall College, 59 p.