Petrology, GEO-320

I have retired, and so this course is no longer taught by me. I have abbreviated the content of this page to remove course-specific rubbish and content getting increasingly out of date. If you find any of the things here useful, that’s good.

Special documentsSyllabus
Using petrographic microscopes: adjustments and features
Thin section collections
Igneous rock labsWhite Mountain magma seriesWMMS photo gallery
New Hampshire magma seriesNHMS photo gallery
Skaergaard and Stillwater intrusionsSkaergaard photo gallery, Stillwater photo gallery
Iceland lavasIceland photo gallery
Metamorphic rock labsNew England schistsNew England geology 1, 2; metamorphism 1, 2
Photo gallery
New England mafic rocksNew England geology 1, 2; metamorphism 1, 2
Photo gallery
Norwegian eclogitesFennoscandia geologic map, very simplified map
Photo gallery
Fault rocksFault rocks photo gallery
Forms and graph paperRock report form
Ternary graph paper, and a green one
Theriak-Domino helpTheriak-Domino tips, tricks, and tools
Introductory Theriak-Domino exercise I used in this course (pdf)
R program to put together all those pixelmaps files (txt)
Documents and spreadsheet utilitiesWriting igneous rock hand sample descriptions
Writing metamorphic rock hand sample descriptions
Why petrology is so much fun
Calculate Fe3+ values for amphibole probe analyses
Calculate Fe3+ values for biotite probe analyses
Fill in missing values on REE diagrams!
Make ternary (triangle) diagrams in spreadsheets!
Whole rock geochemical discriminant diagrams!
Norm calculation spreadsheet for single samples (a macro-enabled version for many samples is available but can't be loaded onto this system, so contact me for a copy)
Image librariesIgneous minerals in thin section
Igneous textures in thin section
Metamorphic minerals in thin section
Metamorphic reactions in thin section
Metamorphic microstructures in thin section
Moon rocks
Hand sketches in petrology

SVG vector graphics files for figures I use in this course (native Inkscape).

Assorted field trip images