Picotrace Digestion System

The Picotrace digestion system is for digestion of a wide variety of geological and other materials in acid at high temperature and pressure. It consists of a Teflon-coated hot plate, a hot plate controller, and two digestion blocks which can hold a total of 32 Teflon pressure vessels. Sadly, the Picotrace company seems to have gone out of business. This material is left here for use by anyone with Picotrace systems.

Standard procedure for rock dissolution (pdf)
Controller temperature programs (pdf)
Keeping vessels hot and the same temperature (pdf)
What kind of Teflon spray is best? (pdf)
Can this system dissolve zircons? (pdf)
What if there is residue after dissolution? (pdf)
Personal comments on the system (pdf)

Preparing samples? Here is a schematic (pdf) of the 32 sample vessels to keep track of your work (if you want to edit it, here’s an svg).