Comparing the Wages of Females Compared to Males

This graph was based off of information I found in an article regarding the wage gap and just how apparent it is in our world today. There is an obvious great deal of issues when it comes to gender roles, as there is more and more discussion regarding women’s rights. Finally, people are beginning to question why men are treated in such high regard when women are still managing to be given the lower hand.

The world is well aware of the fact that for some reason, men earn more money than women when comparing annual incomes. However, I feel as though it is less talked about how this is even more so the case when it comes to women of color. As shown in the graph attached, Hispanic women earn just over 50% of what White men earn when comparing their average annual incomes. This compares to Asian women, that earn almost 90% of what men earn when comparing their average annual incomes.

This baffles me, as I was already alarmed when I fist learned how little white women earn compared to men. When I found out the statistics regarding other races, I saw the gender gap as that much more severe. 

3 thoughts on “Comparing the Wages of Females Compared to Males

  1. The topic of wage inequality is something that has burdened the United States for quite some time. I think you do a great job of highlighting the differences between men and women when it comes to their pay, but also the differences in pay that women of color and minority women also experience. Even though we (as a country) have made tremendous strides to combat racism and sexism within America over the last few decades, there is definitely still work to be done.

  2. You chose a very interesting topic to explore through your blog post. Not only do you do a great job analyzing the difference between men and women and their wage gap but more interestingly the difference between different races and the percentage that the women are receiving compared to men. Some of the differences surprised me probably due to your point that often it is not a topic talked about very much.

  3. The graph you found and discussed is very telling, and I don’t find it a coincidence that white men are at the top of the chart. The wage gap has been an issue for decades, only getting more and more prevalent nowadays. I think we need to spread more awareness on this issue in order to hopefully spark change.

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