Green Fee proposal idea

I think a very feasible and impactful change Union College can make to increase our sustainability is to increase the amount of compost collection sites and by providing more recycling bins. Currently, there are only compost bins in the dining halls. However, students and faculty eat and use compostable items all around campus everyday. I think that the college community would use more composting bins if there were more available, for example, in the library and in academic buildings such as Karp or Olin. Often times we throw things in the landfill garbage bins simply because there are no other bins available. By making composting and recycling more accessible, we could cut down our waste and become a more sustainable campus.

3 thoughts on “Green Fee proposal idea

  1. This proposal is one I’ve heard often around campus, and have found to be true myself. I, as a lot of people on campus do, feel that having a compost/recycling bin attached to every trash can would make a great impact. I would be curious to know the exact amount of our ecological footprint here at union using this model.

  2. Having compost bins around campus is a great idea. I never actually realized that they were not everywhere besides the dining halls. This would be a great way to increase our compost collection campus. It’s also a very easy change that the Union community can implement!

  3. I think that your proposal is a great idea. I haven’t really thought about how much food I’m throwing away on campus outside of the dining halls, and I think that this could definitely make an impact in helping the campus become more sustainable, and increasing our composting efforts.

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