Presidential Green Grant Proposal

Lately the topic of excess garbage, including food waste, has been a hot topic in the news because the destructive effects of excess waste are starting to affect health and safety of people.  Excess waste has always been affecting our health and safety but until now the effects have not been so obvious.  Excess waste causes air pollution, respiratory diseases, contamination of surface and ground waters and increased bacteria, insects and vermin urban centers.  To help alleviate some of the stress on our environment caused by excess waste, I propose that each first year student receives a custom Union Tupperware container.  This way the students can use the containers in Reamer for various food options; Rathskeller takeout; and in the dining halls so as to reduce the amount of to-go cups used as makeshift takeout containers.  A typical square generic “Tupperware” container costs ~$1.00 so for an incoming class of ~700 students this would call for a grant of ~$750 for custom Tupperware containers.  The waste we would be avoiding if this grant were to be granted would far out-cost the cost of the containers.  Perhaps dining services could have some kind of program or contest once a term that incorporates the containers and when they hold their “pop-up” events, students should only be served if they have their reusable containers.  Perhaps this would also encourage students to purchase more reusable containers and use less one-use containers!

3 thoughts on “Presidential Green Grant Proposal

  1. I really like this idea, and I like how you plan out the cost of implementing it. When I was a freshman, we each got a reusable water bottle from the Wicker Wellness Center. Your idea follows largely the same trend, except for food. I do think it would really allow students to waste less food and waste less in terms of disposable to-go containers.

  2. This is a great idea! Giving first years their own plastic containers would hopefully encourage them to use the paper ones in reamer less often in addition to wasting less food. Also, at $1 each it’s definitely a feasible proposal!

  3. Such a good idea!! And maybe Union could then stop purchasing single-use takeous containers altogether to be more sustainable and they would definitely save money. I think this school is so focused on budgeting and finding sustainable solutions that also save money seem like the best way to make strides in this area!

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