Green Fee Proposal: Wind Energy

Union College is known for the Nott Memorial, and the students of Union College know that the wind that is generated around the Nott across the Rugby field can be very strong. As a college, we should work to utilize this potential wind energy and put in wind turbines or a windmill that can harness the wind energy that is generated. Although wind turbines are unattractive, they could be beneficial considering how hard the wind blows and the energy we would receive could potentially save our school a lot of money. Every student at our school can vividly remember how strong and cold the winter winds are on our campus. If we could harness and store that energy then our school could potentially utilize a majority of this wind energy when weather conditions are optimal.

4 thoughts on “Green Fee Proposal: Wind Energy

  1. I really think this is a great idea. The amount of energy we will harvest will be great. I like this because wind is such a clean source of energy. Also, in my opinion I think the Nott is in the way of some prime location for wind energy.

  2. I think this is a great idea! The nott is known to be a wind tunnel in the winter months so why not take advantage of it! I think wind turbines would be the perfect addition to make campus a little greener.

  3. This is true! Union’s campus is known for the wind tunnels that are produced by the Nott and the surrounding architecture that intensifies this wind force. However,do ¬•ou think the school would really be okay with a large wind turbine placed at the center of the campus? I think a way to elevate this idea would be to incorporate the VA department and have them work to decorate these turbines so it my not be as visually unappealing.

  4. This is a very interesting approach to the grant proposal idea. I had not thought about how windy it is yet i too have spent many days walking through the heavy wind to get across campus. This is a good idea for generating renewable energy however i wonder how this budget would fit into the project and if it is feasible with this amount of money.

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