My sustainability act

Eating a plant-based diet is not only great for your health and the animals, but it is also crucial in combatting climate change and helping save water. It’s definitely hard to make the switch 100%, but doing simple things like “meatless Mondays” are a great start and will make a bigger difference than one might think.

2 thoughts on “My sustainability act

  1. You were very successful in creating a video with a ton of great info and facts! For 30 seconds, I really learned a lot. It is also interesting how people are so against giving up meat even just for 1 day when it does so much good both for the environment and our bodies.

  2. I have always loved eating a plant basted diet even though I like meat too. I already feel healthy eating a plant based diet but its great to know that I am also contributing to a sustainable environment by doing so. The information that you included in your video is very helpful. Nice job!

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