3 thoughts on “My Sustainability Action

  1. I did not realize that many people do not recycle their plastic cups (whether for coffee, or other bottles). As you have mentioned in the video, this has a huge impact on the amount of plastic waste produced. If everyone invested in a reusable cup/bottle, we could substantially lower this number!

  2. I like how you incorporated your friends into the video to show how many people are trying to make a difference and to reduce waste. I also like how you included coffee cups because not many people use reusable coffee cups so it important to note that they too can make a difference.

  3. I did my post on the same topic as well! I think that your focus on how people do not recycle brought an interesting twist to this issue–even if people do recycle, it is still wasteful to use plastic water bottles, and recycling can only help so much. The key is to not produce as much waste, and using reusable water bottles helps us with that goal!

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