Presidential Green Grant Proposal

To make Union more sustainable, I propose that Union College should expand dining options on campus.

I, for one, frequently visit local eateries for meals when instead I could choose to stay on campus. No, its not sustainable for me to do so, nor is it eco-friendly. But occasionally my stomach overrules the voice in my head. I get tired of the same, bland dining hall food, or of the same 12 options shared between Reamer and Rathskeller.

I think its also obvious that, compared to other schools, Union lacks a variety of dining options.

RPI, in addition to its dining hall, has a Moe’s and an on-campus pizzeria.

Cornell, according to a recent study, has nearly 30 different on-campus eateries, and ranks 5th-in the nation in terms of colleges with the best food.

Take a poll of Union students. I think the vast majority would agree that Union could stand to add some dining variety to on-campus life.

Having to seek a change of pace for a meal off-campus shouldn’t be necessary. And it sure isn’t sustainable.

3 thoughts on “Presidential Green Grant Proposal

  1. I think this is a fire idea and I think it could be expanded to make give the proposal a more sustainable focus but also achieve the goal of more dining variety on campus. As you mentioned, going off campus for food shouldn’t be necessary and it encourages driving which increases our carbon footprint, so, if there were more options on campus students wouldn’t feel inclined to burn fossil fuels for a little variety. Additionally some of these new dining options could be local businesses and/or locally-sourced food which is obviously sustainable.

  2. I totally agree with you. In addition to increasing the amount of options in the dining halls and other places around campus, it would be great if they could add in more “farm to table” options. Not only would this be more sustainable, but the school would be supporting local farms and encouraging students to eat healthier.

  3. This is an extremely smart idea. We all get so sick of eating the same meals that we end up spending way too much money off campus. Although this idea is expensive, it definitely is worth it when it comes to providing food with higher nutrient content.

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